Projects planned so far for planting season 2017/18

TreeLife is up and underway with it’s first planting projects for this year, which are all close to home and heart. First off our biggest project is on Cowran Estate in Pennington, near Ulverston. Simon Diss at Cowran is passionate about creating and protecting habitat on his farm. He is doing his very best to ensure that the farm is home for people, livestock and wildlife. This season we plan to do work to restore the park field, which has some stunning mature park trees. We will be planting 20 more in tree cages, to ensure this classic village feature remains for generations. We will also be doing lots of hedgerow restoration and new hedgerow planting across the farm, and finally, and very excitingly, the creation of a brand-new wood-pasture on one of the more marginal pieces of land which borders big a boggy area. The bog will remain as it is, because it is home to a large group of snipe!

Our second project is on Beckside Farm also in Pennington. Here a marginal piece of land is being generously given over by Steve Wood for us to plant up as a small woodland.

Finally we will be creating another woodland in Rosside on another piece of marginal grazing.

If you would like to get involved with these projects as a volunteer and come and help plant and learn about the different habitats and why we are planting what where. Please don’t hesitate to contact Georgia on 07971 631699, or