About TreeLife

TreeLife was founded by Greg Thompson and Georgia Wingfield-Hayes. We are based in Ulverston in the South Lakes, Cumbria. TreeLife will be planting trees and restoring habitat close to home on the Furness Peninsula, throughout Cumbria and beyond.


Greg is an arborist and wants to see as many trees as possible put back in the landscape. Following a 20 year career in Arboriculture, he has seen the depletion of the stock of mature trees in the urban landscape. This and the threat from pest and diseases means more than ever we need to be planting trees for future generations. Greg is a TreeLife trustee.


Georgia is a life long environmentalist, gardener, wildlife enthusiast and writer. She feels passionately about the protection of our natural heritage, and trees are central to that in our Cumbrian landscape. She is particularly interested in tree pasture as a habitat where extensive livestock farming and a biodiverse habitats go hand in hand. Georgia is TreeLife’s director.

Contact: Georgia 07971 631699 or georgia@treelife.org.uk